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FaLang translation system by Faboba

Scott Boyce: To sound like a native, think like a native

Many ask: “How can I stop translating in my head when I’m communicating in English?”
The simple answer is: “Think like a native English speaker.”

RootsEDU 2019 寒假斑

Can Restorative Justice Improve Student Behavior?

学校管理者面临的最大挑战之一就是维持一个充满数百名儿童或青少年的学校的秩序。 学校是社会的一个缩影,包括乖巧和遵守规则的个人以及破坏性的,违规的,有时甚至是暴力的孩子。 大多数学校采用惩罚性的惩戒策略,包括拘留,校内停学,校外停学和开除。 对纪律问题的零容忍是现状。 然而,一些学校正在尝试不同的方法 - 并且正在报告积极的结果。

Helping Your Child Develop A Healthy Sense of Self Esteem

By definition, self-esteem is the way in which an individual perceives herself-in other words, her own thoughts and feelings about herself and her ability to achieve in ways that are important to her.



Helping Your Child Build a Strong Vocabulary

To succeed in school and beyond, children need to build a robust vocabulary. Kids learn a lot from the adults in their lives and there are many ways you can help your child learn new words.

为了在学校及其它领域取得成功,儿童需要建立一个强大的词汇量。 孩子们在生活中从成年人那里学到很多东西,有很多方法可以帮助孩子学习新单词。