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Top 12 English Grammar Tips for Mastering the Language

  1. Memorize 3 Fundamental Capitalization Rules 记住3个基本的大写规则

You may think that capitalizing nouns is a trivial (not important) grammar rule. However, poorly capitalized words are a quick giveaway that you haven’t quite mastered English writing. Proper capitalization helps your writing look professional, tidy and correct.

你可能认为名词大写是一个微不足道的(不重要的)语法规则。 然而,缺少大写的名词让你无法很快掌握英语写作。 适当的大写可以帮助您的写作看起来专业,整洁和正确。

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10 most common phrasal verbs for speaking

What is a phrasal verb?  什么是短语动词?

If you remember, a phrasal verb – it is a combination of a verb with a preposition forming a new meaning. 如果你还记得,一个短语动词 - 它是动词与介词形成新意义的组合。



Impressionists 印象派简史


Why Summer Learning Must Include Cultural Activities

For decades, educators have expressed concerns about the high level of learning loss experienced by many students during summer vacation and they’ve stressed the importance of summer learning.


Understanding Dyslexia and the Reading Brain in Kids

At a recent talk for special education teachers at the Los Angeles Unified School District, child development professor Maryanne Wolf urged educators to say the word dyslexia out loud.

在最近洛杉矶联合学区特殊教育教师的一次谈话中,儿童发展教授 Maryanne Wolf 敦促教育工作者大声说出阅读障碍这个词。