National Day is right around the corner! We celebrate it with the national day parade (NDP), national day songs and lots of spectacular fireworks.

What's national day like in other countries? In no particular order, here we go!

国庆节即将来临! 我们用国庆阅兵(NDP),国庆歌曲和许多壮观的烟火来庆祝。 和其他国家一样,国庆节是什么时候? 有没有特别的庆祝方式,我们一起去看看吧!

Norway 挪威 🇳🇴


Celebrating Norway’s Constitution Day on May 17th in Oslo is a red, white, and blue day you won’t forget. Many events vibrate around people of all ages, especially students. Thousands of children in traditional clothing, known as Bunad, line the streets, marching past the Royal Palace as the Royal family waves back.

5月17日在 Oslo 庆祝挪威宪法日是一个红色,白色和蓝色的日子,你永远不会忘记。 许多活动都围绕着各个年龄段的人,特别是学生。 成千上万穿着传统服装的孩子,被称为Bunad,沿着街道,等候皇室队伍折回皇宫。

Ghana 加纳 🇬🇭


Since 1957, the people of Ghana celebrate the end of British colonial rule every March 6th. On the Independence Square in the capital city of Accra, thousands of Ghanaians gather to watch the parade and celebrate proudly in music and dancing. The red, yellow, and green of Ghana’s flag reflects in garments of the marching bands, police, students, and military that strut their stuff on the tarmac.

Take a stroll to admire the Black Star Gate, a symbol of Ghana’s struggle for independence, near the flame that still burns since the nation’s first president Kwame Nkrumah lit it in 1957.

自1957年以来,加纳人民每年3月6日庆祝英国殖民统治的结束。 在首都阿克拉的独立广场,成千上万的加纳人聚集在一起观看游行,并在音乐和舞蹈中自豪地庆祝。 加纳国旗的红色,黄色和绿色反映在游行乐队,警察,学生和军队的服装上。


Australia 澳大利亚 🇦🇺


On January 26th, 1788 the first British fleet arrived in New South Wales, Australia. Today the day is a commemorative day full of reflection and celebration known most commonly as Australia Day. To get the national day celebrations going, wake up to the sweet smell of a barbie (a.k.a. a barbecue), slap on some sunscreen, and join the fun happening all around the country.

If you’re in Sydney and craving a big event, Darling Harbour is the place to be with performances and fireworks to celebrate with a bang. From Sydney Harbour, cheer on around 700 boats and historic vessels in the Australia Day Regatta conducted each year since 1837. Get wet in Adelaide with the Havaianas inflatable flip-flop challenge trying to break the world record of largest number of floatable Havaianas in the ocean! The only rule on Australia Day is to have fun!

1788年1月26日,第一支英国舰队抵达澳大利亚新南威尔士。 今天是充满反思和庆祝的纪念日,最常见的是澳大利亚日。 为了庆祝国庆节,醒来时可以闻到烤肉的甜香,拍上一些防晒霜,加入全国各地的欢乐人群。

如果您在悉尼并且渴望参加一个大型活动,达令港就可以举办表演和烟火庆祝活动的地方。 从悉尼海港开始,自1837年以来每年在澳大利亚日帆船赛中,历史悠久的庆祝活动就是对700艘帆船欢呼。在阿德莱德,在Havaianas充气小船挑战中试图打破海洋中最大数量的漂浮式Havaianas的世界纪录! 澳大利亚日唯一的规则是玩得开心!

Indonesia 印度尼西亚 🇮🇩


On Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th you will most likely run into a strange kind of tree bearing prizes. Each year locals participate in Panjat Pinang, a tradition to represent how the communities learn to work together and resist against the Dutch government in 1945. Tall palm tree trunks are planted in villages around the country, adorned with hoops from which are hung baskets, toys, bicycles, and other great prizes. The catch? To get to the prizes, the team members have to climb up the poles that have been greased up for the challenge. Needless to say, things get slippery.

In Jakarta, the buildings and homes fly the red and white flag with pride. While some might enjoy watching the assembly of government officials at the National Palace, other might prefer the satisfying participation of the krupuk (shrimp chip) eating contest. As you wander through Jakarta’s neighborhoods, cheer on participants of the bike decorating games and races.

在8月17日的印度尼西亚独立日,你很可能遇到一种带有奖品的奇怪的树。 每年当地人都参加Panjat Pinang,这是一种传统,代表了人们如何在1945年学会共同努力并抵制荷兰政府。在全国各地的村庄种植高大的棕榈树树干,装饰着篮子,篮子上挂着玩具,玩具 ,自行车和其他丰厚的奖品。 爬上去? 为了获得奖品,团队成员必须爬上已经为挑战而涂抹润滑的杆子。 不用说,杆子变得很滑。

在雅加达,建筑物和房屋以红色和白色的旗帜自豪地飞翔。 虽然有些人可能喜欢在皇宫观看集会,但其他人可能更喜欢参与 krupuk(虾片)吃饭比赛。 当您漫步在雅加达的街区时,到处是高杆游戏和比赛的参与者。

South Africa 南非 🇿🇦

 South Afric

Although South Africa officially gained independence from Britain on May 31st 1910, the country celebrates their national day Freedom Day on April 27th to remember to the day the first post-apartheid non-racial and democratic elections were held. Since 1994, Freedom Day has been celebrated with various events such as the President’s address at the Union Buildings in Pretoria or the awarding of National Awards.

尽管南非于1910年5月31日正式从英国获得独立,但该国于4月27日庆祝其国庆日自由日,以纪念第一次种族隔离后的非种族和民主选举。 自1994年以来,庆祝自由日的各种活动,如总统在比勒陀利亚联合大厦的演讲或颁发国家奖。

France 法国 🇫🇷


Saying the French wear berets and eat baguettes – that’s a cliché, but saying the French know how to celebrate their national day – that’s a fact! While Bastille Day, celebrated on the 14th of July, is a day to remember when the revolted Parisians stormed the medieval prison known as Bastille, it’s also a huge countrywide holiday to show national pride. If you want to see spectacular fireworks, go to Carcassonne where fire flows off the medieval ramparts, or watch the fireworks light up the cliffs of Etretat.

说法国人戴贝雷帽和吃法式长棍面包 - 这是陈词滥调,但是说法国人知道如何庆祝他们的国庆日 - 这是事实!虽然7月14日庆祝的巴士底日是一个值得纪念的日子,当被叛乱的巴黎人袭击被称为巴士底狱的中世纪监狱时,这也是一个全国性的大型假期,以显示民族自豪感。如果你想看到壮观的烟花,可以前往卡尔卡松(Carcassonne),那里的火焰从中世纪的城墙上流过,或者观看烟火照亮埃特勒塔(Etretat)的悬崖。

Peru 秘鲁 🇵🇪


To celebrate their independence from Spain, Peru has Fiestas Patrias: one of the biggest holiday of the year on July 28th and 29th. To get the festivities going, in Lima, on the eve of the Independence Day you can enjoy music and Marinera dancing in the Parque de Muralla, followed by huge fireworks.

To commemorate the day General de José San Martin proclaimed Peru’s independence in July 28th, 1821, observe a 21 cannon salute or other official ceremonies such as the raising of the flag, mass at the Lima Cathedral, and the President’s address to the nation.

为了庆祝他们从西班牙独立,秘鲁拥有嘉年华帕特里亚斯:7月28日和29日是今年最大的节日之一。为了庆祝活动,在利马,在独立日前夕,您可以在Parque de Muralla享受音乐和Marinera舞蹈,然后欣赏巨大的烟火。


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