Though podcasts pre-date Apple’s iPod (introduced in 2004), they’ve remained a staple with niche audiences .

Many of these podcasts can serve as engaging learning tools for families. A History of the World in 100 Objects is among the best I’ve found:
虽然播客早于苹果的iPod(2004年推出),但它们仍然是分众群体的主角, 这些播客中的许多可以作为家庭的有吸引力的学习工具。100个对象中的世界历史是我发现的最好的之一:
A History of the World in 100 Objects 100个对象的世界历史
A few years ago, London’s British Museum developed a series for young people called “A History of the World in 100 Objects.” Objects were selected from the Museum’s vast collection for their significance, and each podcast lasts under 15 minutes. Just long enough to get you grounded in the importance of the object.  For a quick overview of the 100 objects.
Ways to Explore the 100 Objects 探索100个对象的方法
The BBC site that houses these podcasts gives you multiple ways to explore the 100 Objects. A useful one is in groups of five related historical objects, such as “The First Cities and States” where you might be interested, as I was, in a 5,000 year-old Clay Writing Tablet discovered in Southern Iraq. It is one of the earliest known examples of writing, and the podcast explains how it relates to the rise of state control and state power.
包含这些播客的BBC网站为您提供了多种方法来探索100个对象。 有用的是一组五个相关的历史对象,例如“第一城市和国家”,你可能像我一样在伊拉克南部发现的一个五千年历史的粘土写字板中感兴趣。 它是最早知道的写作实例之一,播客解释了它如何与国家控制和国家政权的兴起有关。

For more podcasts, scroll around and you’ll find such diverse objects as an Egyptian Mummy, a Greek Parthenon Sculpture, the famous Rosetta Stone, a Chinese Ming Banknote from 1375, a 19th century Chronometer that guided Darwin on his voyages, a Sudanese Drum, and even a credit card!
对于更多的播客,滚动屏幕,你会发现如埃及木乃伊,希腊帕台农神雕,着名的罗塞塔石,1375年的中国明年钞票,引导达尔文的一个19世纪计时码表,苏丹鼓,甚至是一个 信用卡!


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