10 Ways to Include Summer LearningAs summer approaches, most kids are looking forward to spending more time with friends and family, and maybe some road trips, late nights, camping, amusement parks, and sand between the toes.


But what about summer learning? Studies show that children who do not make time for summer learning will lose a great deal of academic knowledge—from the last year of school and past years.

但暑假的学习怎么办? 研究表明,从学校和过去几年的最后一年开始,暑假没有学习的孩子将失去大量的学术知识。 

Summer Learning Loss is a significant problem, especially for low-income students. According to the National Summer Learning Association, low-income students may lose two or three months of reading skills over the summer, while kids from all incomes are likely to lose as much as two months of math skills. It can take up to two to three months from the first day of school for students to get back on track.

 暑假学习缺失是一个重大问题,特别是对于低收入学生。 据国家夏令营协会介绍,低收入的学生夏天可能会失去两三个月的阅读能力,而所有收入的孩子都可能会失去两个多月的数学能力。 从开学的第一天可能需要两三个月的时间,让学生回到正轨。

Here are ten ways you can help your students prevent this summer slide and put them ahead of their peers for the next school year.


1. Surprise Adventures 惊喜冒险

Historic battlefields, renaissance festivals, lighthouses, working ranches, and museums are all educational places to take your children during the summer. Look for interactive destinations that provide new information your children can learn while having fun.

历史悠久的战场,文艺复兴节日,灯塔,工作牧场和博物馆都是在夏季带领您的孩子的教育场所。 寻找那些有乐趣的同时可以让你的孩子学习新知识的地方。

2. Summer Learning Events

National Summer Learning Day is July 13, 2017. More than 34 states and 110 cities are participating in this event. Summer Learning Day will include a variety of events such as book challenges, reading clubs, youth summer camps, and more. Look for events in your neighborhood to take part in.

暑假从7月头开始, 暑假学习可以包括各种各样的活动,如书籍挑战,阅读俱乐部,青年夏令营等。 寻找您附近的活动参与。RootsEDU 暑假课程就在这里, 将于7月3日开始,让我们一起来加入度过一个快乐的暑假。

2017 暑假课程

3. Learning with Smart Phone Apps使用智能手机应用学习

Story Bird is a great new application and online program that allows children to write their own stories via provided pictures. This app is an excellent way for students to expand their vocabulary and writing skills throughout the summer. Explore the Apple or Android App store for more.

故事鸟是一个伟大的新应用程序和在线程序,允许孩子们通过提供的图片写自己的故事。 这个程序是学生在整个夏季扩大词汇和写作技巧的绝佳方法。 探索苹果或Android应用商店了解更多。

4. Visit a Local Library 去图书馆

There are so many different and fun activities that local libraries offer during the summer. Also, reading with your student is another great way to maintain reading skills. Consider starting a little book club with friends or family.

夏季,本地图书馆提供了许多不同而又有趣的活动。 此外,与学生一起阅读是保持阅读能力的另一个好方法。 来与朋友或家人一起从小图书馆开始暑假。

5. Cooking with Math 用数学烹饪

Cooking with your child is a great bonding activity, but it will also help reinforce math concepts. Learn how you can teach math and other skills with cooking and then try some new summer cooking recipes for your child this summer.

与你的孩子一起烹饪是一个很好的亲子活动,它也将有助于加强数学概念。 学习如何通过烹饪教授数学和其他技能,然后在今年夏天为您的孩子尝试一些新的夏季烹饪食谱。

6. Summer School 暑校

Summer school can help your student learn subjects that may have been a struggle during the school year or it can give kids a head start on the new school year. Allow your student to explore a new elective or maybe try a new language!

暑期学校可以帮助您的学生学习在学年期间可能会遇到的问题,或者可以让孩子们在新的学年开始。 让您的学生探索新的选修课,或尝试新的语言!

7. Summer Camps/Interactions 夏令营/互动

Summer camps and interacting with different people is a tremendous way for your child to make friends, learn social skills, and grow independently.


8. Supplemental Courses 补充课程

Similar to summer school, taking supplemental courses can help cure the summer slide and the cries of “I’m bored.” There are plenty of fun courses that will allow them to grow as students through the summer. In addition to math and reading, courses on science, social studies, and other subjects are also available.

类似于暑期学校,补充课程可以帮助治疗暑假“我很无聊”的哭诉。有许多有趣的课程,将允许孩子们参加。 除数学和阅读外,还提供有关科学,社会研究和其他科目的课程。

9. Make Time for Summer Learning 为暑假学习腾出时间

Set aside time for you student to work on academics during the summer break. Even just 15 to 30 minutes a day will do the trick. Try to include reading, math, science, and social studies.

作为老师在暑假学习期间为学生留出时间。 即使只有15到30分钟,尝试包括阅读,数学,科学和社会研究。

10. Learn a New Word Every Day 每天学习新词

When learning the new word, make sure students are able to spell it, use it in a sentence, and understand what it means. You can subscribe to a word-of-the-day email at Dictionary.com. Have fun as a family trying to use as many new words during the day as possible!

学习新词时,请确保学生能够拼写,用句子来理解它的含义。 您可以在Dictionary.com订阅一个每日新词。 作为一个家庭乐趣,试图尽可能多地使用新的单词!