Easter - the holiest day of the Christian calendar. A celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. 
复活节 - 基督徒日历中最神圣的日子。 庆祝耶稣基督从死里复活。 

So what does this miracle have to do with a bunny delivering painted eggs? The answer lies in a hundred generations of rituals and customs.

那么这个奇迹与一只送彩蛋的兔子有什么关系? 答案在于几百年的仪式和习俗。

According to the gospels of the New Testament, Jesus Christ and his apostles entered Jerusalem to observe Passover, the Jewish holy season that celebrates the Hebrews' release from slavery. After the Passover supper, Jesus was arrested, and on what is now called Good Friday, he was crucified. Two days later he rose from the dead. Those of Jewish origin were the first to celebrate the resurrection, likely as a new facet of the Passover festival.
根据圣经新约全书福音,耶稣基督和他的使徒们进入耶路撒冷观察逾越节,犹太圣日庆祝希伯来人释放奴役。 逾越节晚餐后,耶稣被捕,在现在称为耶稣受难日的日子里,他被钉十字架。 两天后他复活。 这些来自犹太裔的人是第一个庆祝复活的人,可能是逾越节的一个新发现。

In fact, the Easter celebration was called "pascha". It's derived from the word "pesach," the Jewish translation for Passover. Originally, Easter was celebrated two days after Passover, so it fell on any day of the week. But Easter Wednesday just didn't feel right. In 325 A.D., Roman Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicaea ruled that Easter must fall only on a Sunday, the day when Christ rose. Easter Sunday would be the first Sunday to follow the full moon after the spring equinox. It could occur anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th.
实上,复活节庆典被称为“pascha”。 它来源于逾越节的犹太人翻译“pesach”。 最初,逾越节后两天庆祝复活节,因此在一周中的任何一天都会复活。 但是如果说复活节周三就感觉不对了。 在公元325年,罗马皇帝君士坦丁和尼西亚议会统一复活节日期,复活节是星期日,因星期日被教会视作为耶稣死而复活的日子,所以复活节就在每年春分月圆后第一个星期日举行,它可能是3月22日至4月25日之间的任何时间。

Around this same time, Christians began one of the first recorded rituals of the modern Easter celebration: the lighting of the paschal candle. Its flame, a reminder of Christ's resurrection: light out of darkness. Also during this service, worshipers placed a lamb under the altar to be blessed. Lamb had played a sacrificial role during Passover, so early Christians portrait Jesus as the Lamb of God.
大约在同一时间,基督徒开始了现代复活节庆典的仪式:逾越节点亮蜡烛。 它的火焰,提醒我们基督的复活:从黑暗中熄灭。 在仪式中,敬拜者在祭坛下面放置一只羊羔以获得祝福。 在逾越节期间,羔羊代表了牺牲,所以早期的基督徒将耶稣描绘成上帝的羔羊。

As Christianity spread throughout Europe, different pagan customs blended into the holidays. In fact, the actual word Easter may have come from Eostre, the goddess of spring and fertility, which brings us to the Easter egg.
随着基督教传遍整个欧洲,不同的异教习俗融入仪式。 事实上,真正的复活节词可能来自春天和肥沃的女神Eostre,它将我们带入复活节彩蛋。

Marthas eggs
Eggs have been a mythological symbol of birth for thousands of years. Christians adopted the egg as an Easter custom sometime around the 13th century. The yolk inside a shell represented Christ's emergence from the tomb. Eggs were painted red to represent the blood Christ shed on the cross.
数千年来,鸡蛋一直是诞生的神话象征。 大约13世纪的时候,基督教徒将鸡蛋当作复活节的习俗。 壳内的蛋黄代表基督从坟墓中出现。 鸡蛋涂成红色代表基督在十字架上洒下的热血。


The colourful Easter egg soon hatched its own traditions. A popular one was egg rolling
丰富多彩的复活节彩蛋很快就孵化出了自己的传统。 一个最流行的活动就滚彩蛋。


In 1876, congress prohibited kids from playing on the capitol grounds, so president Rutherford B. Hayes opened the White House lawn to the little rollers. After that, the White House Easter Egg Roll became a tradition.
1876年,美国国会禁止孩子们在国会大厦场地上玩耍,因此总统拉瑟福德·海耶斯将白宫草坪开放给小小滚蛋玩家。 之后,白宫复活节彩蛋成为传统。

So when did the Easter bunny hop into the scene? The fertile rabbit had long been a symbol of new life in European pagan celebrations. Beginning around the 16th century parents told children that if they behaved, on the eve of Easter, the "osterhase" would come and lay colorful eggs.
那么复活节兔子何时跳入场景? 胖胖的兔子一直是欧洲异教徒庆祝活动中新生活的象征。 大约从16世纪开始,父母告诉孩子们,如果他们在复活节前夕表现出色,那么“Eostre”就会出现,并带来丰富多彩的彩蛋。

Children built nests in their homes to entice the rabbit to visit and so began the customs of the Easter egg hunt and the Easter basket. To help fill out those baskets, 19th century European chocolatiers began making egg-shaped chocolates. The sweet trend quickly spread throughout the world. Today billions of dollars are spent each year on Easter candy.
子们在家中建巢以诱使兔子前来入驻,于是开始了复活节彩蛋和复活节篮子的习俗。 为了帮助填补这些篮子,19世纪的欧洲巧克力师开始制作蛋形巧克力。 这种甜蜜的趋势迅速蔓延到世界各地。 今天,每年都花费数十亿美元购买复活节糖果。

Easter - it's a joyful day when Christians celebrate the resurrection. For two thousand years customs have been added - some spiritual and some fun. But Easter is also the time for families to gather and welcome spring, when new life emerges after the dead of winter.
复活节 - 当基督徒庆祝复活时,这是一个快乐的日子。 两千年来,习俗被添加了更多精神和乐趣。 当冬季过后新生活出现时,复活节也是家庭团聚迎接春天的时候。


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