The movie starts with a dog taking a dump in the middle of a street.

To the viewer's surprise, the resulting pile of feces has eyes and talks! From there, the pile of poop gets harassed by passersby, ignored by the general population, and whines a lot about not being popular. Here are some screenshots from this film:

这部电影开始于一条小狗在大街上拉了一堆便便。 给观众惊喜的是,这堆便便有眼睛能说话! 从那里,这堆粪便被路人骚扰,被人忽视,并且很不受欢迎。 以下是这部电影片的截图:


The main character - Doggy Poo 

影片主角:Doggy Poo 


One of Poo's sympathetic friends, a dried leaf.

一个同情 Poo 的朋友,一片枯干的落叶。


Even piles of feces aren't safe from being harassed by mean chickens!



Poo's friend, another pile of poop that fell off of a cart. Note the peanut!

Poo的朋友,另外一堆从车上掉下来的一块土。 注意他嘴角的花生!


Poo and his friend ponder their existence.



 After a suspenseful sequence where the pile of poop is nearly run over by a cart, the cart driver picks up the poop and takes it home.



The pile of poop is buried in the soil, happy as ever.



All alone once again. Everybody cries, even poop!

再次孤独, 每个人都要哭泣, 甚至便便!


Poo meets his friend the dandelion, who convinces him to sacrifice himself to make a flower. The End!




“ Doggy Poo ”到底是什么?Doggy Poo 只是一只小花狗的便便,它不被祝福、不被期待地来到世界上。它孤零零地,静静地坐在乡村的黄泥土地上,小鸟不愿意跟它做朋友,连经过的公鸡都不准小鸡跟它说话。于是伤心的 Doggy Poo 开始怀疑:我究竟为了什么而来到这个世界上?

  渐渐地,在风吹雨打中,Doggy Poo 开始有了好朋友,但它仍然不能动,仍然觉得自己很没用。有一天奇迹发生了,当冬天结束,冰雪溶化了之后,就在自己的脚下,Doggy Poo 发现竟然开出了一朵美丽的花!这时 Doggy Poo 终于明白,原来,它就是为了这朵小花而来的……




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