Three Monks is a classic Chinese animation released by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1980 during a period of cultural rebirth following the Cultural Revolution.

 This 20-minute short is a parable about being a team player and not passing the buck and is based on the following proverb:

One monk fetches water to drink
Two monks carry water to drink
Three monks have no water to drink

The story begins with a monk dutifully bringing water from a stream to his temple at the top of a mountain.  A tall monk arrives, and when water is needed, he volunteers to fetch water to the delight of the first monk who doesn’t need to do anything.  At the next water run, the second monk calls on the first to help.  Reluctantly, he does, but the two bicker over how to balance the water bucket on the yoke given their height difference.  A third, portly monk arrives at the temple.  He selfishly guzzles all the water, but when the water is all gone, nobody is willing to head down the mountain to get water.  Each would rather suffer than to do something that would benefit everybody.  There’s a humorous scene that has the thirsty abbots greeting a storm cloud with buckets.  In the end, a murine arsonist creates a need for water so great that three petty monks are forced to work together.


家喻户晓的经典故事, 请小朋友们学着翻译这三句话:
One monk fetches water to drink
Two monks carry water to drink
Three monks have no water to drink

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Dad’s Hands

Dad's hands were king-size and strong.

With his hands, he built our home and fixed all the broken things.