This robot can automatically sort recyclable rubbish. The RoCycle system by M.I.T. has a soft, puncture-resistant hand. Pressure sensors on its fingertips detect an object’s size and material. It then autonomously places the item in the appropriate recycle bin.

这个机器人能自动分类可回收的垃圾。麻省理工学院的“RoCycle”系统用一只柔软的、防穿刺的手来分拣回收垃圾。指尖上的压力传感器可以探测到物体的大小和材 质。然后它自动将物品放入相应的回收垃圾箱。

Professor Daniela Rus, Director, MIT CSAIL


With computer vision alone, the systems are not able to separate paper from plastic. Many paper and plastic cups look the same, but by introducing the ability to squeeze the objects and to know whether it’s flexible or not – we are able to go one step beyond what today’s methods can do.

麻省理工学院计算机科学与人工智能实验室 “单凭计算机视觉,这些系统无法将纸张与塑料分开。许多纸杯和塑料杯看起来是一 样的,但是通过引入挤压物体的能力,并辨别它是否有弹性、可弯曲,我们则能够超 越现有的方法。”

The goal of the system is to reduce the back-end cost of recycling. It currently has 85 percent accuracy in identifying stationary items, but only 63 percent accuracy on a simulated conveyer belt.

该系统的目标是降低后端回收成本。目前,它识别静止物体的准确率为 85%,但在模 拟输送带上的准确率仅为 63%。

A common error was identifying paper-covered tins as paper. But how are researchers looking to improve the system?
robotarm herkent recyclebaar materiaal met druksensoren

Professor Daniela Rus, Director, MIT CSAIL
We plan to create a much more detailed sensorised skin. We plan to develop the hand at different sizes and we plan to improve our algorithms for recognition. We’re very excited to see the use of robot automation in solving a problem that matters globally.

丹妮拉·鲁斯教授 麻省理工学院计算机科学与人工智能实验室 “我们计划创造一个更精细的传感皮肤。我们还计划研制不同大小的手,并改进我们 的识别算法。我们很高兴看到机器人自动化在解决一个全球性问题上的应用。”

puncture-resistant 防穿刺的

sensors 感应器

simulated 模拟的,模仿的

algorithms (计算机使用的)算法

automation 自动化




1. 阅读课文并回答问题。

1. How many items of waste can buying our lunch sometimes create?
Just grabbing a sandwich, crisps and maybe a cake and coffee can produce at least four items of waste.

2. What reasons have some people given for having to buy takeaway food for lunch?
According to Hubbub, some people say their lives have got busier and buying food to-go is more efficient.

3. What does Hubbub suggest taking when buying your food for lunch?
Hubbub suggests taking your own container to a shop and asking them to put your food in it.

4. True or false? In a trial in East Anglia, more customers brought their own lunch boxes when they got a reduction on the quantity of food they bought.
False. In a trial in East Anglia, a 10% price reduction persuaded some customers to come prepared with their own lunch box.

5. What phrase is used in the article to mean ‘action that gets closer to a successful result’?
The phrase is ‘a step in the right direction’. "The idea of using reusable coffee cups for hot drinks and refilling water bottles has already proved successful so this could be another step in the right direction."


2. 请在不参考课文的情况下完成下列练习。选择一个意思合适的单词填入句子的空格处。

1. I’m going to be late for my next meeting so I’ll grab something on the go.

2. On holiday in France we found a great restaurant serving traditional fare.

3. The children made a real mess after the party: There were sweet wrappers everywhere!

4. I’m chewing on which subject to study at university – it depends on what will lead to a better job.

5. I took a disposable camera with me when I went snorkelling. I didn’t want to risk getting my expensive digital camera wet!