As some schools have cut back on recess, and many kids in elementary school sit in the same classroom all day, students must go extended times without a break. Schools concerned about test scores and ratings may eliminate break time to accommodate more teaching or test prep, but studies show that breaks and exercise may actually improve grades and test scores for students.

由于一些学校已经缩减了休息时间,并且许多小学生都整天坐在同一间教室,学生必须长时间不停地学习没有休息。 关注考试成绩和评分的学校取消了休息时间以适应更多的教学或考试准备,但研究表明,休息和锻炼实际上可以提高学生的成绩和学习效率。

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Here are five benefits students will enjoy when given the chance to take a break:

学生将获得5大好处, 当他们有机会享受适当的休息。


1. Improve Attentiveness 提高注意力

breakThe longer the lesson goes, the harder it is for a student to remain on task. According to a 2014 study published on Science Direct, longer instruction times lead to fewer students paying attention. Researchers found that “on-task behavior declined as instructional duration increased from 10 to 30 minutes.”

课程越长,学生继续集中注意力听课就越困难。 根据2014年发表在Science Direct上的一项研究,更长的教学时间导致更少的学生会集中注意力。 研究人员发现,“随着教学持续时间从10分钟增加到30分钟,上课效率下降了。”

When students get a short break or an opportunity to go to recess, their brains get a much-needed rest.When they come back, their attention span resets and they’re ready to learn.

当学生获得短暂休息或者被允许课间休息时,他们的大脑得到了急需的休息。 当他们回来时,他们的注意力会重新集中,他们已经准备好学习了


2. Boost Learning Productivity 提高学习效率

playStudents who need a break tend to stop listening and get off-task. And those non-attentive students have an impact beyond their own learning productivity. If they exhibit distracting behavior, then they can make it difficult for other children to understand the concepts presented in the lesson.

需要休息的学生往往会停止聆听而开小差。 那些不专心的学生也会影响周围的学生。 如果他们表现出令人分心的行为,那么他们可能会让其他孩子难以理解课程中提出的概念。

Frequent breaks reduce the potential for disruptive behavior. Since students have the opportunity to burn off energy during a break, they are less likely to be distracted and disruptive when it’s time to learn.

适当的休息减少了学生破坏性行为的可能性。 由于学生有机会在休息期间消耗能量,因此在学习的时候,他们不太可能分心和破坏。

3. Reduce Student Stress 减轻学生的压力

Students can get overwhelmed when they’re expected to spend the entire day focused on classroom instruction. They have little time to enjoy play, think creatively, or reset their brains. This combination can lead to stress, which has short- and long-term impacts on their health and learning capabilities.

当老师期望整天专注于课堂教学时,学生可能会感到不知所措。 他们几乎没有时间享受游戏,创造性地思考或重置他们的大脑。 这种组合可能导致压力,这会对学生的健康和学习能力产生短期和长期影响。

Once they have regularly scheduled breaks, they can take that time to de-stress and relax before it’s time to focus on learning again.


Why Student Breaks Are So Important

4. Foster Social Skills 培养社交技能

It’s difficult to develop social skills if children don’t have time to be kids. Many schools have breaks at lunchtime and recess, which may be combined into one period. They may not have time to interact during that block, along with everything else they need to get done before they head back to class, so they won’t be able to develop social learning. Getting time for proper breaks may improve kids’ social skills.

如果孩子课间没有时间休息,就很难培养社交技能。 许多学校在午餐时间和休息时间合并为一个休息时间。 在他们回到课堂之前,他们可能没有时间在那个区块内进行互动,以及他们需要完成的所有其他事情,因此他们将无法学习发展社交。 花时间适当休息可以提高孩子的社交能力。

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5. Help Memory 帮助记忆

It can take some time to digest new information and actually retain it for future use. If students don’t have that opportunity to file this information in their brains, then memory retention can suffer. A short break makes it possible to optimize memory, according to researchers at New York University who published a study on WorldHealth.net. “These results demonstrate the importance of post-experience resting brain correlations for memory for recent experiences,” the researchers conclude.

消化新信息并保留以供将来使用可能需要一些时间。 如果学生没有机会在他们的大脑中提交这些信息,那么内存保留可能会受到影响。 纽约大学的研究人员发表了一项关于WorldHealth.net的研究报告,短暂休息可以优化记忆。 研究人员总结道:“这些结果证明了休息相关大脑记忆的重要性。”

How to Incorporate Breaks into Learning 如何将休息融入学习

Parents can set timers for instruction times versus break times, based on what works best for their children. They can experiment with different break frequencies and lengths as some students may respond better to short, frequent breaks while others need extended breaks with fewer frequency.Breaks can be an essential part of learning effectively, and they may even improve a students’ quality of life.

根据对孩子最有效的方法,家长可以根据教学时间和休息时间设定计时器。 他们可以尝试不同的休息频率和长度,因为有些学生可能会对短暂的频繁休息做出更好的反应。


Breaks can be an essential part of learning effectively, and they may even improve a students’ quality of life.