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The Whole Child: A Well-Rounded Approach to Education

With the rise in rigorous testing and students being held to higher academic standards, children are becoming increasingly stressed. 


6 Signs Your Child Has Student Burnout and How to Help

Psychology Today says that burnout is more than simple exhaustion from work or school. While students can certainly work themselves to the point of exhaustion—and that’s something parents should be aware of and address—

今日心理学说,学习倦怠不仅仅是作业或学习上简单的疲劳。 学生们可能自己努力到精疲力竭的地步 - 

Happy Easter

Easter - the holiest day of the Christian calendar. A celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. 
复活节 - 基督徒日历中最神圣的日子。 庆祝耶稣基督从死里复活。 

5 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Your Child to Be a Leader

As parents, we lead by example. But it is all too easy to lead kids astray with ineffective parenting habits.

作为父母,我们以身作则。 但是因无效的养育习惯很容易让孩子们迷失方向。

How to Raise Boys to be Gentlemen in Today’s World

In today’s social environment, particularly surrounding the #MeToo movement, there is much talk about respect for women and for boundaries when it comes to social, professional, and dating relationships and interactions.

在今天的社会环境,特别是周边的 #MeToo 运动,当涉及到社会化,专业化和约会的关系时,很多人谈论尊重女性和界限。