Learning about other cultures is an important part of any child’s education. The following five activities will help educate your young learner and will be fun for the whole family!

了解其它国家文化是任何儿童教育的重要组成部分。 以下五项活动将有助于教育您的孩子,并让全家乐意!


1. Get Cooking 学习烹饪

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Stirring Up Fun with FoodWhether you’re learning about the United Kingdom by baking hot cross buns or cooking an authentic Iranian breakfast together, cooking with kids is a fun way to learn about culture and diversity. It’s a great learning activity too! You can try a new food each week, and discover what kids in other countries eat for different meals.
无论您是通过烘焙十字面包或一起烹饪的正宗的伊朗早餐,孩子们做饭了解英国是一个有趣的方式来学习多样性的文化。 您可以每周尝试新的食物,并发现其他国家的孩子在吃不同的食物。这也是一个很好的学习活动!

2. Take a Virtual Field Trip VR实地考察

HowVirtualRealityCanEnhanceSTEMEducationA virtual field trip is a great way to get kids learning about culture and diversity. You can tour a world-class museum, go on a safari, or explore Ancient Egypt. Think of all of the opportunities you have to learn about new cultures without ever having to leave the house!
VR是让孩子学习文化和多样性的一个好方法。 您可以游览世界一流的博物馆,参加野生动物园或探索古埃及。 想想所有的机会,你必须学习新文化,而不必离开家!

3. Create a World Flag Game 国旗游戏

memoryTo make game night more culturally diverse and exciting, use world flags to entertain the whole family. I made a memory card game using international flags, but you could also play world flag bingo or create coloring pages.
为了使游戏之夜更加文化多元化和令人兴奋,使用世界各国国旗来娱乐全家。 我使用世界各国国旗的标志制作了一个记忆卡游戏,但是您也可以玩世界旗帜宾果游戏或创建着色页面。


4. Learn Their Language 异国语言

5 Fun Activities to Teach Your Kids About Culture and DiversityThere are more than 6,000 living languages in the world! See how many ways you can learn to say “Hello!”
世界上有超过6000种生活语言! 看看你可以学到多少方法说“你好!”

5. Make Artwork from Around the World 异国工艺品

FullSizeRenderFrom crafting Chinese lanterns to making African Maasai necklaces, there are so many ways to make artwork from around the world.

How do you teach your kids about culture and diversity? Share your fun activities in the comments.
你如何教你的孩子关于文化和多样性? 欢迎在评论中分享您的有趣活动。


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