Every parent wants to raise a good kid — someone who is caring, understanding, polite, ethical — but your little ones can't do it alone; they need help and guidance from the adults in their lives.

According to human development researchers at Harvard, there are some guidelines supported by research studies that parents can look to for help raising a caring child, as well as seven tips to help put it all into action.

每个家长都想养一个好孩子 - 一个关心,理解,有礼貌,有伦理道德的人 - 但是你的孩子不能单独完成; 他们需要父母在他们生活中给予帮助和指导。 据哈佛大学的人类发展科研人员调查研究,给家长提供一些引导, 还有帮忙培养孩子的7个提示,帮助您把这一切付诸行动。

1. Spend time with your kids regularly and engage in meaningful conversation. 定期与孩子共处,进行有意义的对话。

By spending time with kids regularly, they will learn to be caring and loving by example — show affection, take a genuine interest in their life, encourage their efforts and praise their accomplishments, ask open-ended questions to foster meaningful conversation, support them endlessly. A positive and respectful relationship between you and your kids will show them what good relationships look like so they can emulate that with others.
通过与孩子定期交流,他们将学会如何照顾和爱护自己 - 表现爱心,对自己的生活有真正的兴趣,鼓励他们的努力和赞美他们的成就,问开放式的问题来促进有意义的对话,不断地支持他们。 你和你的孩子之间的积极和尊重的关系,展示的良好的人际关系,使他们可以模仿。

solid role model strong mentor 2. Be a solid role model and a strong mentor. 成为可以信赖的榜样和强有力的导师

Children will respect what you tell them to do when they see you doing the same, so pay close attention to the way you practice the values you're urging your children to follow — honesty, humility, contributing to the community — as they will pick up on the way you act. Tell them when you make a mistake and talk them through the way you'll fix it, engage in community service as a family, let them know it's important to reach out to people you trust when you need advice or assistance, and encourage them to always be attentive to others.
当孩子们看到你以身作则, 他们就会尊重你,所以要特别注意你的言行举止,帮助树立你的孩子的价值观 - 诚信,谦虚,对社会作出贡献 - 因为孩子在成长路上会效仿你的行为方式。 当你犯错误的时候,通过怎么解决它来告诉孩子,作为一个家庭参加社区志愿者服务,让他们知道在需要咨询或帮助时,与您信任的人沟通很重要,并鼓励他们始终关注他人。

 Send clear messages prioritize being kind3. Send clear messages and prioritize being kind. 明确告诉孩子要学会善良

Caring for others is often encouraged as a top priority, so treat it that way by holding your children to high ethical expectations not only in your own home but at school and in the community. Ask their teachers if they are caring during the school day, tell your kids that it's important that they are kind to others, and encourage them to work out problems by thinking about the people who will be affected by their actions.
经常鼓励关心他人是最重要的,因此,不要仅仅在自己的家庭,而且在学校和社区中,让孩子们高度注重重道德规范。 问他们的老师,如果他们在校期间照顾周围同学,告诉你的孩子,善待他人是非常重要的,重要的是要鼓励他们思考受到他们行为影响的人也会去善待别人。

 Provide opportunities caring giving responsibilities4. Provide opportunities to be caring by giving responsibilities. 提供机会,承担责任

When children are expected to do chores around the house, helping others will more likely become a natural opportunity for them to be caring in their daily routine. Start conversations with your kids about things they see going on in the community and all over the world to expand their understanding of acts of caring on a more elevated level. Also, express gratitude and appreciation to them and motivate them to make giving thanks to others a part of their everyday practice.
当孩子被寄予厚望做一些家务,帮助别人更可能成为他们的日常。 开始与你的孩子谈论在社区和世界各地看到的事情,以扩大他们对更高层次关怀行为的理解。 此外,表示感谢和赞赏他们,鼓励他们,感恩他人成为日常工作的一部分。

 Help children zoom out understand range hardships experiences other people face5. Help children to "zoom out" to understand the range of hardships and experiences other people face. 帮助孩子"拉长“镜头,了解其他人面对的困难和经历

Children typically care about a smaller group of family and friends, but to expand their circle, try to talk about other communities and the different challenges people face. Discuss issues and provide them with ideas of ways they could help fix some of the problems they see in their own community. Encourage them to listen to others, especially those who may be different than them, to foster understanding and compassion.
孩子们通常关心家庭和一小群朋友,但是要扩大圈子,尝试谈论其他社区和人们面临的不同挑战。 讨论问题,并提供他们的想法,以帮助他们解决他们在自己的社区看到的一些问题。 鼓励他们倾听别人,特别是那些与他们不同的人,以促进理解和同情。

 Provide opportunities kids take action join causes do others6. Provide opportunities for kids to take action, join causes, and do for others. 为孩子提供机会, 去行动, 去参与,去为别人做事

When your child is faced with an issue, help them take action and talk it out, and encourage them to work with others to solve problems. Try to translate their interests into a cause they could join — for example, if they like animals, they could volunteer at a shelter — and give them opportunities to talk about ethical dilemmas that come up both in real life and in the media.
当你的孩子面临问题,帮助他们采取行动,并谈出来,并鼓励他们与他人合作来解决问题。 尝试让孩子自己的兴趣转化为他们可以加入的事业, - 例如,如果他们喜欢的动物,他们可以在动物庇护所当义工 - 并给他们机会谈论无论是在现实生活中或者媒体报道的道德困境。

Help children identify feelings resolve conflicts self control 7. Help children to identify feelings and resolve conflicts with self-control. 帮助孩子识别感受和解决与自我控制的冲突

Encourage your children to identify their feelings and then provide them with the tools to manage them with control — deep breaths, counting until they are calm — and help them to resolve conflicts by also understanding the feelings that others are experiencing.
鼓励孩子找出自己的感受,然后为他们提供管理它们的工具 - 深呼吸,计数,直到他们平静 - 并帮助他们理解这也是其他人所遇到的感情,化解矛盾。

以上7个小提示, 希望对您和您的孩子有所帮助, 欢迎大家一起参与讨论。

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