We asked teachers, educational influencers, and experts how they advise students and parents to prep for school success that will last the entire school year.

Here’s what they had to say:
我们问老师,教育者和专家如何建议学生和家长,做好开学准备,这将影响到整个学期是否会成功。 这是他们不得不说的:

“As an elementary school teacher, I feel that much of the prep work for a successful school year lies within the hands of the parents. Prior to the school year starting, children need to get back in a routine of going to bed early and waking up at the time that they will [need to wake up] at the start of the year. Discussions between parent and child about expectations for the school year are also imperative. Parents need to continue to be the role models for their children and display acts of good citizenship so that students see this as the norm, and [they should] increase their children’s sense of responsibility. . .

“作为一名小学教师,我认为,成功上学的准备工作大部分在父母手中。 在开学之前,孩子们需要早睡,并在他们将在[需要唤醒]的时间自己醒来。 父母与学生对新学年期望的讨论是必须的 父母需要继续成为孩子的榜样,展示出良好的社会道德行为,让学生把这看作是规范,增加孩子的责任感。。。

Getting kids excited for the school year is a great way to plant the seed for a successful school year. Parents can look up the curriculum for the next grade level and talk about all of the friends that their children will be making. Sending a child back to school with a positive attitude can make a world of difference in his or her confidence and outlook for the school year. As parents work together with their children to ready them for the upcoming year, the transition back to school is made easier for both the parent and the child.”

–Rachel Anderson, third-grade teacher for five years at Alberta Smith Elementary School in Midlothian, Virginia

让孩子们因为开学而感到兴奋是获得一个成功新学年的最根本的好方法。 父母可以查看新一年级的课程,并和孩子们谈论新学年将要遇到的所有同学。 以积极的态度送孩子回到学校可以使他或她对新学期满怀憧憬并且信心满满。 由于父母与孩子们一起为即将到来的新学年做准备,所以父母和孩子一起过渡到开学变得非常容易。“

–Rachel Anderson 五年小学三年级老师

“Get school supplies to take notes and stay organized. Create a physical workspace, so you stay organized. And, create a virtual workspace so you can save files on your computer.

Parents should print the school calendar and keep it in a visible place. Schedule a time each day to help the student with missing assignments, check completion, read emails, etc. Find social ACA for students, such as art or music classes, sports, etc.”

–Beth Watt, fifth-grade/higher-education teacher for 12 years. Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

“准备文具,归类做好备注。 创建一个文具用品准备区,方便你随时调整。 同时在电脑上创建一个文具的文件, 随时记录并保存。

父母应该打印好学校日历并放在大家可见的位置。 每天安排一次时间,帮助孩子进行补漏,检查完成情况, 阅读学校的邮件。为学生寻找课外活动的课程,如艺术或音乐课,体育等。“

–Beth Watt, 12年五年级老师。

“I think that the two most important things for students to do in order to prepare for a successful school year are to be organized and ready to take charge of their learning! Students should have a dedicated place to do their schoolwork that is free from distractions. Plan out your week, paying attention to special due dates. Again, organization is the key to this! I have found that my successful students are the ones who take charge of their learning: they ask questions and they come to class sessions when they don’t understand a concept. Successful students find out what they DO know and DON’T know so that they can get help on understanding what they don’t know!

Parents should make sure to read emails from teachers and administrators to make sure that important due dates and other information aren’t missed. Keep a calendar nearby to jot down those due dates the first time you see them, so they are already there! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the teachers when you have questions or concerns.”



–Elizabeth Nelson, 4年半高中数学老师

“Students, take ownership of your education, it’s all about your future! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek out the answer. If your teacher sees you trying, they will help you in any way they can. Just remember if you don’t know the answer right now, you CAN learn it.

Parents, you’re a partner in your child’s education; we can give them the tools, but we need your support for them to reach their full potential. It’s important to help your child with homework and studying for tests. Reading together every night is something little that can make a BIG difference!”

–Amanda Logan, special education teacher for five years, currently teaching at Ressie Jeffries Elementary School in Front Royal, Virginia

“同学们,学会自主学习,这有关你的未来! 不要害怕提出问题并寻求答案。 如果你的老师看到你在努力尝试,他们将以任何方式帮助你。 只要记住,如果你现在不知道答案,没关系,你可以学习。

父母,你是你孩子学习的陪伴者; 老师可以给学生工具,同时需要您的支持才能充分发挥孩子的潜力。 帮助你的孩子做功课和学习很重要。 每天晚上坚持一起读书,哪怕一点点也会收获巨大的变化!“

–Amanda Logan 五年小学特别教育

“Every school year and grade level are different. Try to view the new year as an opportunity for success. Just because you struggled last year doesn’t mean that you will struggle this year. Look for some way to improve or change.

If you haven’t in the past, reach out to your teachers. It is never too late to begin to reach out to them. They want you to succeed but they do have a lot of students to work with. If you do not reach out to them they may not know how much they can help you.”

–Thad Simmons, math teacher at Nevada Virtual Academy (NVVA) high school with 40 years of experience

“每个学期和年级都会不同。 试图将新的学期视作一个可以获得功的机会。 如果你上学期学习很困难,并不意味着你这学期也会困难。 寻找一些改进或改变的方法。

如果你上学期没有和老师有很多互动,这学期请主动去找老师。 寻找老师的帮助永远不会太晚。 老师也希望你成功,但他们确实有很多学生要照顾。 如果你不主动去找老师,老师可能不知道能帮助你多少。“

–Thad Simmons 40年教龄的数学老师

“Students should not be afraid to try new things and follow their passions in the new school year.
Parents should help their children organize and provide a quiet area for them to study. They need to work with their children’s teachers and find ways that they can expand learning.”

–Jerry Blumengarten, educator, speaker


家长应帮助他们的孩子规划新的学期,为他们提供一个安静的学习环境。 家长需要和孩子们的老师一起努力,找到可以提高孩子学习的方法。“

–Jerry Blumengarten 教育家和演说家

最后引用白岩松的一句话 : 孩子, 除了上学, 真的没有其它的路能走了!

不读书, 你拿什么和别人拼, 财务还是智慧? 经验还是人脉?这些你都有吗?
考试不是唯一的路, 却是最公平的那条路!
孩子, 希望你在最该学习的年龄, 努力去拼一拼, 将来的你会感谢现在的你!

祝孩子们新学期努力再努力, 为自己架起通往成功的彩虹桥!


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