Ready, set, go! Your student is off and running with a new academic year. As a parent, you want to make the most of your student’s learning, but where do you start? How can you move your son or daughter ahead on the road to success? What actions should your student take?

预备,准备,开始! 你的学生将要开始一个新的学期。 作为家长,您想充分利用孩子的学习能力,但是从哪里开始? 你的儿子或女儿如何在前进的道路上成功? 你的学生应该采取什么行动?

If you search online, you’ll find plenty of advice。 So, how do you know what matters most? We recommend sharing the following strategies with your student:

如果你在网上搜索,你会发现很多建议。那么,你怎么知道最重要的东西? 我们建议您与学生分享以下策略:

1. Know Yourself—Be mindful of who you are. Know your own strengths and weaknesses. Remember, you are in charge of yourself. However, successfully managing your own learning means analyzing required tasks, knowing what you are capable of, and planning accordingly to direct your own actions. This set of thinking skills, often called self-regulation, helps keep you on track in constructive ways.

知道自己 - 注意你是谁。 了解自己的优点和缺点。 记住,你对你自己负责。 然而,成功地管理自己的学习意味着分析所需的任务,知道你的能力,并相应地进行规划以指导自己的行动。 这套经常被称为自律的思维能力有助于您以建设性的方式进入正轨。

2. Set Realistic Goals—What do you want to accomplish this year? Define your learning goals. Be specific and break down high-level goals into bite-sized pieces. For example, if you want to improve your math performance, you can decide to complete all your math assignments on time. You might also decide to do your math homework first every day, before any other assignments. Keep the goals clear, write them down, post them in a visible spot near your work station, and remind yourself on a daily basis to strive to attain these goals.

设定实际的目标 - 你今年要完成什么? 定义你的学习目标。具体说明,将高层次的目标划分为大小块。 例如,如果您想提高数学,您可以决定按时完成所有的数学作业。 在任何其他作业之前,您也可以每天先做数学作业。 把目标清楚地写下来,将它们贴在书桌附近的可见位置,并提醒自己,努力实现这些目标。

3. Get Organized—To accomplish the goals you’ve established, organize your time and physical space. Create a reasonable schedule for meals, schoolwork, reading, and recreational time/entertainment. Be sure to include sleep—what time you will get up and go to bed. Manage your time carefully and follow this schedule as much as possible. You will be surprised at what a difference this makes for your well-being. Your physical space needs attention, too. If you don’t know where important tools for learning are located, you’ll expend too much energy searching for what you need. Set up a comfortable, efficient workspace for your computer with ample lighting. Gather pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, and any other physical supplies you use for your studies. Be sure to organize your electronic collections as well, so you can quickly store and find these materials. Plan on investing a little time each week to stay on top of this and commit to keeping yourself organized this year.

管理 - 完成目标,规划好你的时间和物理空间。 创建一个合理的膳食,上课,阅读和娱乐时间。 一定要包括睡眠 - 你什么时候起床睡觉。 仔细管理您的时间,并尽可能遵循此时间表。 你会感到惊奇,这会给你带来很多福利。 你的物理空间也需要注意,如果你不知道学习的重要工具在哪里,你将花费太多的精力寻找。 为您的计算机设置一个舒适,高效的工作区,充足的照明。 整理笔,铅笔,纸,笔记本,文件夹和您用于学习的任何其他用品。 确保管理好你的电子收藏,以便您可以快速存储和查找这些材料。 计划每周投入一点时间,以保持今年的发展,为了达到目标。

4. Stay Focused—Okay, now you’re set up and ready to go! But wait, daily life is really distracting. Therefore, one of the essential strategies for success is to maintain your focus. Concentrate on your schoolwork, stay on task, put away materials or tools that distract you, and avoid engaging with other activities when you are studying. Consider a visual reminder in your workspace, such as a bold-faced post-it note that says, “Stay Focused.”

集中注意力 - 好的,现在你已经准备好了! 但等等,日常生活真的分散注意力。 因此,成功的基本策略之一是保持您的认真。 专注于学业,留下任务,放弃分散注意力的材料或工具,避免在学习时与其他活动接触。 在你的学习区域中考虑一个视觉提示,例如一个大胆的标语“集中思想”。

5. Seek Help As Needed—For many people, asking for help is difficult. First, you have to admit that you need assistance, and then you must reach out to someone else with an appropriate request in a timely manner. Getting the help you need before it’s too late can make a huge difference with learning growth, so don’t neglect this tip. Students who take the necessary steps to seek help have greater capacity to overcome learning obstacles. In the process of communicating about needs and receiving critical support, you can build new understanding. As a result, your self-confidence gets a noticeable boost.

寻求所需的帮助 - 对许多人来说,寻求帮助是困难的。 首先,你必须承认你需要帮助,然后你必须及时与适当人请求帮助。 在太晚之前获得所需的帮助可能会对学习成长产生巨大的影响,所以不要忽视这个提示。 采取必要措施寻求帮助的学生有更大的能力克服学习障碍。 在沟通需求和接纳的关键支持的过程中,您可以获得新的认识。 结果,你的自信心得到了明显的提升。

6. Be Open-Minded—This might sound odd, but approaching learning with an open mind can optimize learning experiences. Assimilating new ideas can be harder when you try to control brain input and program yourself to accept only certain ways of thinking. On the contrary, unexpected discoveries and problem-solving opportunities may surface if you are more flexible and willing to incorporate new ideas. Just make sure that novel ideas are backed up with key facts and evidence before you accept them. Be savvy in your open-mindedness.

开放思维 - 这可能听起来很奇怪,但以开放的心态去学习可以优化学习体验。 当你尝试控制大脑输入并编程自己只接受某些思维方式时,吸收新想法可能会更加困难。 相反,如果您更灵活并且愿意纳入新的想法,那么意想不到的发现和解决问题的机会就可能会出现。 在接受新的想法之前,请确保这些信息的可靠性, 运用尝试开放开发大脑。

7. Stick with It—Finally, one of the essential strategies for success in any endeavor is simply not giving up. If perseverance is not one of your strengths, you’ll want to cultivate this critical skill when engaged with learning. Sometimes the going gets tough, especially when you’re trying to grasp complex content or abstract concepts. Maintain your focus, remain open-minded, be persistent, and refuse to give up. In the end, you will prevail, and that’s worth celebrating!

坚持下去 - 最后,任何努力取得成功的重要策略之一,就是不放弃。 如果坚持不是你的优势之一,那么在学习的过程中你会想要培养这个关键技能。 有时候会变得艰难,特别是当你想要掌握复杂的内容或抽象的概念时。 保持你的注意力集中,保持开放思维,坚持不移,不要放弃。 最后,你会胜利,这是值得庆祝的!

There you have it, seven strategies your student can use to achieve academic success. Have your child put these to work right away and get on the path to better learning.

有了这些,你的学生可以用七种策略来取得学习的成功。 让你的孩子马上开始使用这些策略,走上更好的学习道路。


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