school kidsRootsEDU Language Arts/English helps students develop important reading and writing skills, while also inspiring a love of literature. Combining Phonics, Literature, Language Skills, and Spelling lessons, the Language Arts/English program emphasizes classic works, teaches writing as a process, and prepares students for standardized tests in the areas of language skills and reading comprehension. Younger children learn the basics of phonics and grammar and prepare for reading through systematic, multi-sensory activities, while older students develop literary analysis and comprehension skills by reading novels and nonfiction works.

Through structured lessons on composition, vocabulary, and grammar usage and mechanics, RootsEDU courses offer a systematic approach to the development of written and oral communication skills, and is designed to give students the 

essential building blocks for expressing their own ideas in standard (or formal) English.


FaLang translation system by Faboba

How To Improve Concentration In Kids?

Signs Of Poor Concentration In Children


If your kid is having attention and concentration difficulties, then you may notice some of these signs in their behavior:



2018 RootsEDU暑期课程

朗文国际英语教程第2册 V2 MP3

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6 more minutes: Struggling readers, reading practice, and growth

What are the differences between a student who starts and ends the school year as a struggling reader, and a student who starts out struggling but ends the year succeeding?


Labour Day 2018 & 2019

Labour Day in China, or International Worker’s Day, is a public holiday that celebrates workers’ contributions to the country.