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If you’re parenting a teenager and try to engage him or her in conversation by asking questions, you might hear one of the following five replies more often than not:

7 Subtle Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Readers

A friend said to me recently, “Movies and television feed you the story. Other mediums make you work for it.”

When Christmas is Celebrated

Many people think Christmas is on December the 25th and that's all there is to Christmas. However, for many people around the world, in different countries and in different Christian traditions, Christmas lasts for a lot longer than that - and it's even celebrated at different times!
许多人认为圣诞节是在十二月二十五号,圣诞节就是那天。 然而,对世界各地,不同国家,不同基督教传统的人来说,圣诞节的时间要比这长得多,而且甚至在不同的时间庆祝。

Want to Raise Successful Daughters?

Want to Raise Successful Daughters? Science Says Nag the Heck Out of Them。

想培养成功女孩吗? 科学家说要不断对她们唠叨。

Science Says Kids Who Become Great Leaders Have Parents Who Teach Them 8 Things

All the extremely successful people I know -- and all the great leaders I know -- are exceptionally good at persuading other people to follow them.