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6 more minutes: Struggling readers, reading practice, and growth

What are the differences between a student who starts and ends the school year as a struggling reader, and a student who starts out struggling but ends the year succeeding?

The Whole Child: A Well-Rounded Approach to Education

With the rise in rigorous testing and students being held to higher academic standards, children are becoming increasingly stressed.

6 Signs Your Child Has Student Burnout and How to Help

Psychology Today says that burnout is more than simple exhaustion from work or school. While students can certainly work themselves to the point of exhaustion—

5 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Your Child to Be a Leader

As parents, we lead by example. But it is all too easy to lead kids astray with ineffective parenting habits. Most would agree that kids need plenty of encouragement and support along with a healthy mix of independence and experiential learning. So here are five parenting mistakes to avoid to ensure your child grows up to be a successful leader.

How to Raise Boys to be Gentlemen in Today’s World

In today’s social environment, particularly surrounding the #MeToo movement, there is much talk about respect for women and for boundaries when it comes to social, professional, and dating relationships and interactions.

How to Encourage Healthy Homework Habits in Your Child

This shouldn’t shock you, but most children aren’t fond of doing their homework.