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Doggy Poo

The movie starts with a dog taking a dump in the middle of a street.

Three Monks

Three Monks is a classic Chinese animation released by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1980 during a period of cultural rebirth following the Cultural Revolution.

A Parents’ Guide to 13 Commonly Misused Emojis

Emojis are usually pretty straightforward, but there are definitely a few that are truly hard to decipher. As a parent, it may be hard to keep up with all the emojis your kids are using, especially the ones that people have a habit of misusing.

The Benefit of DIY, and 5 of the Best DIY Sites

So you didn’t get what you wanted over the holidays? Well, I suppose we can’t all get what we want, but there are some very ingenious people on the web who have figured out how to build some very interesting things and transform the old into new.

4 Studying Methods to Help Kids Focus

With television, video games, and the great outdoors all calling for children’s attention, it can be difficult for them to put their heads down and focus on their studies.

How Toys Like the Fidget Spinner Facilitate Learning for Some Kids

It is the hottest kid’s toy to sweep the country—so hot, in fact, that it’s even available at 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide. Even cats are playing with them now! This is the colorful and oddly satisfying contraption known as the fidget spinner.